Patrick Samphire (psamphire) wrote,
Patrick Samphire


Back in the day, as some of you might remember, I had a review journal, but what with maintaining that and reviewing for Tangent, I pretty much burned myself out, and I gave up both. (Okay, burn-out wasn't the only reason I stopped reviewing for Tangent...). Anyway, I still have opinions. Lots of them. Most of them admittedly ill-informed, but nonetheless I have them, and they are happy opinions. So I figured I might let them out to play again.

Not that I'm going to start a review journal again, or start reviewing for Tangent or something similar. But I might post the odd 'review' here from time-to-time, when I read something or listen to something I particularly like.

This is your warning. Opinions are heading this way.
Tags: reviews

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