Patrick Samphire (psamphire) wrote,
Patrick Samphire

New website!


Well, here we are...

About six years ago, I needed a website. Ah-ha, I told myself. I can make one of those myself. After all, that's kind of my job, making websites and all that.

But, I said (this conversation went on for a long time; I'm summarizing it here...), right now, I don't have the time for it. So, I said (to the accompanying suspicious looks of my co-workers on the next desks), I'll just throw up a very quick website and get onto this next month when undoubtedly I will have lots and lots and lots of free time.

So, I put up a temporary website, and...

Well, you've guessed it. Finally, finally, finally, I got around to making one in the last few months. And here it is! (Assuming you're reading this on the new website. If you're reading it on livejournal instead, here is the new website!)

I've got up stuff about my delayed novel, some free short stories, some not free short stories, and an all new blog.

I'm going to cross-post everything from the new blog to my livejournal blog, so keep on reading there if you will.

Well, that took a while. Another website in another six years, everyone?
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