Patrick Samphire (psamphire) wrote,
Patrick Samphire

Martians kidnapped my novel

Martians kidnapped my novel. Now it's back.So, some of you may wonder where I've been recently.

No? Really?

Well, as it happens, I've been on a grim interplanetary adventure. No, I didn't get sucked into the John Carter movie (things haven't been quite that bad).

Instead, the Martians kidnapped my lovely debut novel, Secrets of the Dragon Tomb, and I've spent the last few parsecs (yes, I know that's a unit of length, not time) getting it back.

Unfortunately, as a result, the publication date of Secrets of the Dragon Tomb has been bumped back. It won't now be published in Fall 2014. It'll be coming out in Spring 2015 instead.

Still, at least I kicked some Martian butt in the process, so it's not all bad, right?

Tags: secrets of the dragon tomb

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