Patrick Samphire (psamphire) wrote,
Patrick Samphire

5 cool things

Friday is the day in which everyone posts five cool things, right? (Okay, I know that's completely untrue, but you gotta start somehow...)

1. Steph has a new section on her website, in anticipation for her second Kat book being released in the UK in exactly one month's time. You can read the read the first chapter online (where you'll meet Kat's fantastic brother, Charles, for the first time), go behind the scenes (where you can find out about the city of Bath, where the book takes place, and the magical roman baths), and find a bunch of extras.

2. Talking about second books, Greg Van Eekhout has his second children's book, The Boy at the End of the World out now. If you've read Greg's first children's book, you'll know what to expect: fun, adventure, and fantastic ideas. Go get it!

3. You know, I don't actually have five cool things to mention, so number 3 is padding.

4. I have been rewatching the first three series of Merlin. One of the coolest things about living right where we do is that I can sit there and recognize lots of the locations. I sit there, going, "I've been there", "I've been there". Last time I was in Puzzlewood, I came across a door built into the sides of a stone gully, which was obviously a left-over part of the set for the next series.

5. Talking of TV series, I am so incredibly grateful that I don't write for one. I can't imagine how stressful it must be to have to write a complex, coherent show where you don't know from day-to-day whether you'll have one series (or less) or ten series. It's probably reasonably easy for something episodic like Castle, but on a show that is going for a long, complex storyline, like, say, Lost, the competing demands of having to write a story of indeterminate length, and having to still keep it in the state where you can wrap it up at the drop of a hat, well, no, I don't think I would cope. It's a wonder that anything like a story arc emerges at all.

That last one wasn't a 'cool thing' either, but Jeez...
Tags: a tangle of magicks, merlin, stephanie burgis, tv, writing

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