Patrick Samphire (psamphire) wrote,
Patrick Samphire


I fear I am becoming addicted to reality TV.

Not the terrible, awful stuff, like Big Brother or various 'celebrity' shows, thank God. But some of the other stuff I just can't miss.

Last year I couldn't miss 'Last Man Standing' or 'Extreme Dreams'. Earlier year I caught every episode of 'The Apprentice'. Now I'm finding myself hooked by Ben Fogle's latest show, 'On Thin Ice', and the new 'Wildest Dreams'.

'Wildest Dreams' basically follows nine people competing to get a job as a wildlife cameraman for the BBC. Okay, the reality TV aspect sits somewhat awkwardly in the show. Unlike 'The Apprentice', they've got normal people, not delusional egomaniacs, and everyone seems a little uneasy about the competitive, 'reality' TV aspect.

Perhaps what I like most about 'Wildest Dreams' is that (the first episode at least) is filmed in Africa. I love Africa. It's such an incredible place. i grew up in Africa for four years and I loved it there. I haven't been back since, except to Egypt, but it is a dream to go back. 'Wildest Dreams' reminds me of all the fantastic scenery and wildlife, although we don't see much of the African people.

In the developed world, we get such a negative view of Africa, and it's a joy to see something more positive. (If only we could see something positive about the people.)

Despite that, I am a little afraid of my addiction. What if I turn on the TV one day and there is a one of the awful celebrity ego-fests and ... I watch it?

It isn't to be borne.

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