Patrick Samphire (psamphire) wrote,
Patrick Samphire

Starting a novel

Starting a new novel is a little like clutching at threads. There are dozens of them floating in the air around you, and you grab at them, pulling on them. Most of them turn out to be unconnected to anything. They come away in your hands. You have to discard them and clutch at another. Eventually, though, if you're lucky, you find a thread that has something attached. A new novel. You pull at it, and the whole novel comes following after.

I'm on what is probably the third thread I've grasped for this latest novel. The last two seemed promising, but in the end, they weren't attached to anything. This third one, I'm more hopeful about. It feels like it's got something on the end of it.

Maybe I'll be wrong. Some of those threads turn out to be pretty long, but they're just as loose as the other ones.

Doesn't matter if it is. I know there's a story floating about just up there, and one of the threads is going to be attached to it.
Tags: novel, writing

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