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First snow, primeval and novel progress

Last night, and a bit this morning, we had snow. This is not that unusual for most of you, but it's the first snow we've had in Leeds this winter, which is a little pathetic. It didn't last long, and it wasn't deep (to say the least) but Steph managed to get out there with Maya before it melted and took a few photos. Here's Maya wondering why the flowers have come out while there's still snow:

Maya in the snow

In a fit of boredom last night, we watched an episode of the British SF show 'Primeval'. Dear Heaven! It really was bad. So, if you were in a shopping mall, at night, just the four of you, and it was infested with velociraptors, would you:

a) make sure you were all armed, stick together, and keep an eye out, or,
b) leave two people unarmed, send the unarmed members to wander around alone, leave the unconscious person lying alone on the floor at the other end of the mall, and lay down your weapons out of reach?

Or perhaps you'd send in some trained soldiers, rather than an inept bunch of morons, led by a professor.

Here's a comic strip including velociraptors:


In fact, the show was kind of fun, in a totally moronic way. It was made by people who have obviously seen Buffy and Torchwood, but hadn't actually realised what made those shows work. To enjoy it, you have to be able to completely turn off your natural reaction to characters who act stupidly to allow action and plot to happen, or you have to enjoy shouting at the screen. We went for the latter. We may watch it again, but only if we're in the right mood.

'Dragons of Mars' progress:

Progress meter for novel

February 20th target:

Progress meter for first target

Tomorrow, I have to figure out how they're going to escape from the baddies, sabotage the machine and accidentally destroy the house. Watch this space.
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