Patrick Samphire (psamphire) wrote,
Patrick Samphire

Another vacation day, and the inevitable rambling about tea

It's kind of easy to forget it's the middle of January. Not that I don't feel sympathetic to those of you stuck up there in the snow and ice and rain and all that, but I gotta say, I prefer it down here where it's hot. Okay, I don't think I'd want it to be hot and sunny on Christmas--all those Christmas trees lying on the side of the road here in the 80F heat just look sad--but I'm happy not to be in Leeds (currently raining and cloudy, apparently) or Michigan (currently simply cold, I would guess). Instead, we spent yesterday here:

Steph's Feet, on the beach

(Those are Steph's feet, and that's the only photo of her she would let me post from yesterday...).

Me on the beach as well:
Patrick on Hollywood Beach, FL

Near where we're staying:
Fort Lauderdale

Not sure I'd want to live down here permanently; in fact, I know I wouldn't. There are too many cars and too few nice cafes and bookstores, in summer it would be unbearable, and I just don't like living somewhere where there are so many obscenely rich people. But it's a fantastic break from the long British winter.

We found a new cafe today, which is where I'm posting this from. It's much nicer than the last one (note to previous cafe: if you use styrofoam cups for tea, it is undrinkable: tea should not taste of styrofoam), and they have some decent tea. I'm much happier here.

And, finally, because I can't live without good tea for even a few hours (addiction is a sad, sad thing), I broke down and bought some, along with a nice new cup, with a beautiful china strainer. The strainer, sadly, does a good job of letting the tea leaves through and a less good job of letting water through (how is this even possible?). It's worth it for decent tea, though.

Tea Cup
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