Patrick Samphire (psamphire) wrote,
Patrick Samphire


A quick entry today. Here's where we've been sitting, writing:

View from the porch

Yesterday, we went to the Apple store and played at looking at our websites on an iPhone. Very cool. Not worth the cost of buying one, but fun to play with nonetheless.

Last night we watched The Ghost Whisperer. Dreadful stuff. Why is it that shows like this, with appalling writing, terrible acting and no imagination don't get canceled, whereas shows like Firefly do? Do people really prefer stuff like The Ghost Whisperer, or is it simply cheap to produce? Also, why is it that to so many Hollywood writers the internet is just a big, mysterious, amorphous, interchangeable mess of magical communication? Is it really so hard to work out how it all fits together and get it even slightly right?

Enough rant for today. We're going to the beach. :)
Tags: florida, ghost whisperer

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