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Can't stand still, and who I'm not

We are now in Florida, having barely recovered from jet lag in Michigan. No snow here, either. However, it is pretty warm and sunny. We flew in yesterday, which is my excuse for no blog entry. However, we've dragged ourselves out to a cafe with wireless, so here I am, ignoring the sunny weather and palm trees just to deliver your entry today. Later on, if it's not a) too hot, or b) raining, we'll head out for a walk and take some photos.

I am not Tim Wynne-Jones

For a start, I don't have a beard, and even if I did, I still didn't write 'The Boy in the Burning House', although it would have been cool if I had.

See, a year or two ago, I wrote a review of Tim Wynne-Jones's book, 'The Boy in the Burning House', which is a fantastic novel, and posted it on my website and blog. However, I think 'The Boy...' must be an assigned book somewhere, because ever since, I've been getting visitors who've searched on Google for something along the lines of 'book report boy in the burning house', obviously hoping to get an essay out of it (not much hope; it wasn't that detailed a review). Today, however, someone went one better. I got this email, through the website:
Hi. I am currently reading your book 'The Boy in the Burning House'...
So, just to be clear. I am not Tim Wynne-Jones. I did not write 'The Boy in the Burning House'. I have no idea where Tim got his ideas.

No doubt by mentioning the book and Tim's name in this blog entry, I will now get lots of visitors looking here for info for a book report. If you're one of those people, can I suggest that you try reading the book? It's really good. You'll enjoy it. You might even find you've got something to say about it yourself.
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