December 11th, 2009

New Earth

My agent appreciation...

Rather later in the day than I'd planned, but...

Today is the official unofficial agent appreciation day, begun by that fantastic group of writers, The Tenners.

I'm represented by Jennifer Laughran of Andrea Brown Literary.

What I really love about Jenn is that not only did she get exactly what I was trying to do with my book, she had very focused, very smart and carefully thought-through suggestions for how to revise it. Some of the suggestions looked pretty scary on first glance - but when the revision was finished, it was a better book, and more than that, it really was MY better book.

She's marketing it to editors right now, and although I can't say too much publicly about the process yet, I can say that she's been brilliant about getting it to exactly the people with the right taste for the book. I really like the way she talks about it, to me and to other people in the profession, and I really like her strategy for getting it out there. She's also super at communication, and her emails often make me laugh even when they're not passing on good news, which is a really impressive trick during the fraught submissions process.

She's got great taste in books, and she's incredibly knowledgeable, funny, smart, and hard-working. I'm really glad to be her client.