November 1st, 2009



We moved house.

I think I mentioned that.

We liked a lot about Yorkshire (countryside, fantastic Indian/Pakistani/Kashmiri restaurants, friends), where we previously lived, but we were too far away from the kind of things we like being near: cafes, bookstores, shops, family.

We're now in small town in Wales, surrounded by hills and mountains. When I step out the front door I can see a high, forested hill. Often, shreds of clouds are clinging to the trees and the flanks of the hill.

We also have a really good cafe ten minutes walk away, lots of toddler grounds for Mr Darcy, and plenty of places to take Maya. We even have a back yard for the first time.

Of course, being a small town, there's no way I could get a job here. But, luckily, that won't be an issue for at least six months, by which time we may have moved again (although, man, the idea of moving again fills me with an unnameable horror).

Anyway, we're finally sorted out with everything we need here, we're mostly unpacked (except the million boxes of books), and we're set up very nicely to write.

Which means I really should get on with it.