October 2nd, 2009

Expounding on something cool (Doctor Who

Three recommendations

We, like all parents, I suppose, have been after that holy grail, a baby's book that is great for both the baby and the parents. Because, trust me, after you've read through something like 'Curly the Pig' ten times in a row, you're ready to choke yourself on its torn-up, despairing pages. (No, you probably haven't heard of 'Curly the Pig'. Yes, you are lucky.)

Anyway, I have three recommendations that have worked fantastically for Mr Darcy and me:

Big Red Bath, by Julia Jarman and Adrian Reynolds (but most emphatically NOT the sequel, Big Blue Train)
I'm Not Scared, by Jonathan Allen
I'm Not Cute, by Jonathan Allen

Big Red Bath has a fantastic sense of rhythm, lots of fun, and vivid pictures. The other two are just very cute and funny. MrD loves all of them.

And that's it for my every-two-months blog entry... Aren't you glad you waited?