June 2nd, 2009


In which I achieve complete victory

So, this morning, before work, I was walking Maya in the woods in the valley below our house. It was a warm morning, and at this time of year, the woods are thick and the undergrowth lush.

Anyway, we're walking along, and around the corner of the path comes this woman with a beautiful, long-haired German Shepherd. The moment she sees us, though, she grabs hold of her dog, puts on the leash and pulls it back hard, so that its head is up.

This is a bad sign.

Anyone who knows anything at all about dogs knows that the head back and up is an aggressive posture for a dog. When you pull your dog into this position, it reacts by acting aggressively, and other dogs see it as being aggressive.

So, inevitably, the German Shepherd tries to lunge at Maya, growling and barking. Maya responds by barking too.

This kind of thing happens far too often, and it irritates the hell out of me. But, as usual, I was just going to go on my way with Maya, letting the incident pass.

Until the woman says to me, "Your dog should be on a leash, like mine."

Now I really am pissed off. Maya did not cause this confrontation, and neither did I.

"No," I respond. "They're only acting like that because you put yours on the leash and pulled it into an aggressive pose."

"Fine," the woman says, leaning down and releasing her dog. "If my dog attacks yours, it'll be your fault."

Now, at this stage I'm feeling a bit nervous. After all, the dogs just lunged at each other, and for all I know, her dog has a history of attacking other dogs.

The German Shepherd comes racing towards Maya... and they sniff, wag tails, and go their separate ways.

I was not gracious in my victory.