February 22nd, 2009

Super-cool discovery (sonic screwdriver)


So, for my birthday, Steph's parents gave me a gift certificate for blurb.com. For those of you who haven't come across Blurb, it's a make-your-own-books service, like lulu, but only for books and apparently with better quality photograph printing.

I'm planning to use part of the gift to print up a photo book of photos of Mr Darcy from his first five months, and the remaining amount to print up a bound collection of all my published short stories (I think they'll all fit in one volume, although I haven't actually collated them).

The photo book I'm fine with, but I thought I'd throw out a couple of questions about the story collection:

First up, for any of you who've any experience with print, any suggestions for a good font to use?
Poll #1353550 Story poll

Second, for everyone, what would be a good title for the story collection?

A Field Guide to Ugly Places
Dragonfly Summer
Uncle Vernon's Lie
When the Dragon Falls
Maps of the World
Something Else (suggestions in comments...)