July 11th, 2008


Websites for Writers: Principles of Web Design - Part 1

Okay, we've finally reached web design. As always, you can read previous entries in this series here: http://psamphire.livejournal.com/tag/websites+for+writers.

Before we get started, I should be clear that I'm not going to teach you how to design a website in these few blog entries. There is far too much to cover, and learning web design is a long, complex process.

What I'm going to do is talk about how you can recognise a good design and how you can go about finding or obtaining one.
I'm going to start off with some general principles, go through some dos and don'ts and then talk about where you can get a design from.

And, if you’ve decided to design your own site, for whatever reason, what I’m going to talk about should point you in the right direction.

So, let's get started.

Principles of Web Design - Part 1

It's very easy to be blinded by websites that are fantastically artistic or full of flashy, animated elements. It happens to all of us. But you need to resist this. Your website has a job to do.

You need to look at it dispassionately and make sure whatever design you go for performs that job. You are a writer. Your website's purpose is likely to convey content of some type. It isn’t there as a piece of art or as cutting edge technology.
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